A provision of the Income Tax Act, Section 12J promotes private investment into SMEs in the South African economy by providing an attractive tax break for investors. Since 2015, we have made more than 20 investments alongside entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors, to the benefit of both the economy and our clients.

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As an investor, we understand that it is often difficult to visit your underlying investments, so we have brought a few of them to you with these short investment insights videos. The videos give you the opportunity to hear directly from our partners and provide insights into the type of businesses you have invested in as well as their impact on the SA economy and job creation.

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Brutes Air Rental Solution (BARS):

Since Westbrooke’s investment two years ago, BARS has doubled their transactions to become the only one-stop supplier of high-end compression equipment in the region.
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Mobile Macs

Since investment 18 months ago, Mobile Macs has had an approximate 50% increase in direct employment with a 90% renewal rate for existing contracts.
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Separation Scientific (SepSci):

In just over a year since investment, SepSci’s sales have increased by 5% with significant growth anticipated over the next few years.
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The Capital Hotel Group:

Westbrooke’s capital injections have allowed the group to finance a range of large developments, which has enabled the creation of approximately 1650 jobs.
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CuraFin Management Company :

With the injection of Westbrooke Aria’s capital, CuraFin has been able to put 64 new vehicles on the road to date.
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