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Westbrooke Rhythm Limited was established to take advantage of a unique opportunity to invest into a diversified global portfolio of early-stage companies which demonstrate innovative and disruptive business models.

The Fund will primarily target equity investments in businesses which have the potential for exponential organic growth through digitization of incumbent models.

Core to the investment strategy, The Fund will co-invest alongside alongside a world-renowned early-stage investor and entrepreneur who with his investment team are embedded into the fabric of the startup ecosystem across the UK, Europe and Israel.

Westbrooke Rhythm, is a closed-ended Jersey Private Fund, regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission will provide investors with a tax efficient and transparent investment structure.


Unique sourcing ability
Due to a unique combination of skillset, experience and vision, our investment partners are regarded as the “smart money”, seed investors who have real start-up experience. They provide Westbrooke Rhythm the opportunity to participate in the transactions they source and more importantly at the stage and valuation which make the return profile compelling.


Defined Sector Focus:

  • Financial technology
  • Real Estate technology
  • Marketplaces
  • SME business services
  • Retail, consumer and food technology


Portfolio Company characteristics:

  • Scalable operations with the potential to achieve a minimum of $100m in annual revenue
  • A sustainable and actionable competitive advantage which cannot easily be replicated
  • Capable and visionary founders with high levels of intelligence, drive and creativity

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