Westbrooke Stac (‘Student Accommodation’) is a fully tax-deductible investment into a portfolio of property-backed student accommodation operations situated in strategically located student hotspots across South Africa. The investment aims to provide investors with a return in excess of c. 17% per annum (after fees and investor exit tax). Westbrooke Stac has deployed over R300 million into 8 student businesses across South Africa, with investor returns having been in line with targets to date. Westbrooke Stac has a strong pipeline of opportunities across a variety of partners for the deployment of future capital.

Key investment

100% tax deductible in the year of investment
A portfolio of income-generating student accommodation properties in partnership with established and reputable student accommodation operators that have proven track records in the industry
A c. 10% – 11% dividend yield based on the net investment (paid semi-annually)
A strong capital growth underpin driven by c. 5% per annum rental escalations in the underlying properties (as a conservative base-case assumption), as well as the potential for yield-compression on exit
A defined exit after 5 years, through either a listing, sale to a REIT or open-market disposal

investment insights

As an investor, we understand that it is often difficult to visit your underlying investments, so we have brought a few of them to you with this short investment insights video. This video gives you the opportunity to hear directly from our partners and provides insights into the type of businesses you have invested in as well as their impact on the SA economy and job creation.

fund update – july 2020

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