Westbrooke Aria (“Alternative Rental Income Assets”) is a fully tax-deductible South African investment which provides growth capital to a portfolio of low-risk, asset-backed rental businesses with contractual revenue streams. Today, Westbrooke Aria is the largest S12J strategy in South Africa, with over R1.3 billion under management across over 50 underlying businesses. Westbrooke Aria aims to provide investors with a return of c.11% – 13% per annum (after fees and investor exit taxes).

Key investment

100% tax deductible
Investment into a diverse portfolio of asset-backed companies which generate predictable revenue streams
Partnership with experienced and reputable operators to ensure alignment of risk and reward
Targeting a c.7% – 8% dividend yield on net investment (gross investment less the tax deduction) which is payable semi-annually
A defined exit after 5 years as Westbrooke Aria is a “self-liquidating” investment strategy

investment insights

As an investor, we understand that it is often difficult to visit your underlying investments, so we have brought a few of them to you with this short investment insights video. This video gives you the opportunity to hear directly from our partners and provides insights into the type of businesses you have invested in as well as their impact on the SA economy and job creation.

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To find out more about the companies we invest in through this strategy, visit www.ariagrowthpartners.co.za

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